Ready to finally have a home like your “clean friend”?

Get rid of clutter fast with Clutter Kickstart so you have more time for the things and people you love.

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Stop running around the house frantically looking for your toddler’s shoe...

Aren’t you tired of telling your kiddo “No, no today honey” when she asks to play? You want to play with her, you really do...but there’s just so. many. things. to do around the house.

The dirty pile of dishes stacked in the sink won’t wash themselves. The heaping mountain of clean laundry on the couch won’t fold itself.

You’re tired of always running behind, telling your friends no to that girls’ night out because you just don’t have the time.

And yet your “clean friend”, the one whose home is immaculate...she recently posted a smiling picture of her and her daughter, baking cookies together in their perfectly clean kitchen.

As you scrub day-old grease off a pot, you wonder “How is her kitchen clean even after giving a toddler flour??!”

What if I told you there was a better way?

Friend, I’ve got some good news for you.

Your “clean friend”:

  • Wasn’t just born with the “clean gene”
  • Isn’t smarter than you
  • Doesn’t have super-human energy

Likely, she "does it all" because she:

  • Spends less time deciding what to keep and what to get rid of
  • Has learned how to clean her home in the quickest way possible
  • Knows how to get things done even when she’s not motivated

And that’s exactly what Clutter Kickstart teaches you. You’ll learn the Boulder Method, the 5-step process for helping you get past overwhelm and plow through clutter like the bulldozer your 2-year-old won’t stop talking about.

Clutter Kickstart is the ultimate guide to help you get rid of clutter so you can create more fun in your life.

Here's what you'll get:

  • A fun, 22-minute workshop you can watch even while you’re cooking dinner
  • Cheatsheet so you’ll never forget what you need to do
  • Lifetime access just in case life gets real busy or you want to come back later for a refresher

What if you had calm instead of chaos?

Imagine this...

  • The smile on your 5-year-old's face when, after a long and busy week, you have the time and energy to play LEGOs with him.
  • Following through when you promise your friend you’ll run a 10K with her (possible because you no longer waste time scrounging for your running gear).
  • Going on a date with your husband...without the mortification of what the babysitter will think when she first walks into your home.
  • Grabbing the Instant Pot out of the cabinet to whip up a quick dinner...without the usual avalanche of stuff falling out.

Ready to kick clutter to the curb?

Let's take a closer look at what's included & how Clutter Kickstart will help you quickly get rid of clutter:


No boring, put-you-to-sleep lectures around here.

In the 22-minute Clutter Kickstart workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn the easy, 5-step Boulder Method that’ll have you quickly saying “Goodbye” to clutter!
  • Get an easy-to-watch format, so you can watch while you cook dinner or fold the laundry.
  • Learn how to declutter your whole home with only 15 minutes per day.


I know exactly how frustrating it is when mom brain makes you forget that one item on your grocery list or the permission slip for your child’s school.

That’s why I included a cheatsheet, so you’ll:

  • Never forget what you need to do.
  • Have easy access to the steps on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Be able to share the Boulder Method with other members of your household, so the work isn’t just on you. #teameffort


The mom version of Murphy’s Law says that as soon as you sit down to watch something, somewhere a kid will need you.

That’s why I included lifetime access of Clutter Kickstart, so you can:

  • Watch at a time that’s convenient to you.
  • Come back and watch again if you need a refresher.

Get Clutter Kickstart now so you have more time for the things and people you love.

Wanna see inside Clutter Kickstart?!

You’ll love how quick and easy it is to declutter the Clutter Kickstart way.

As soon as you purchase, you’ll get immediate access to the course. Take a look inside the course:

Listen, Mama. I know what it’s like to spend all your free time cleaning, yet never having a clean home.

Clutter keeps you from:

  • Getting down on the floor and playing with your kids.
  • Inviting friends over for a “Girls Night In”
  • Pulling out your crafting supplies to relax after a long day.

It’s not fun to spend day after day going through the motions, hoping next year’ll be better...but year after year, you find yourself in the same chaos.

That doesn’t have to be your story, friend! (And honestly, you can get a little bit angry, because that shouldn’t be your story. You deserve so much better!)

With Clutter Kickstart, you can learn the tools to:

  • Get started decluttering when you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • Declutter your whole home even if you have no free time.
  • Get rid of heaps of clutter even if your kids interrupt every 2 minutes.

What are you waiting for, Mama?!
Clutter Kickstart is waiting for you to dive in
and get going!

And, your kids will love having a fun, not-stressed-out mama who finally has time to play with them.

YAY! Bring on the BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase Clutter Kickstart, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

BONUS #1: Motivated to Clean Workshop ($40 Value)

It’s easy to dream of a clean home, but how do you find the motivation to clean when you’re exhausted meeting your little humans’ needs?

In this 40-minute workshop, Motivated to Clean will teach you:

  • The #1 thing to focus on when you want to find motivation.
  • The secret attitude your “clean friend” has towards cleaning.
  • The magical number that will motivate you to get started.

BONUS #2: Clutter Countdown Workbook ($30 Value)

Once you’ve learned how to declutter quickly from Clutter Kickstart, you’ll want a plan that helps you declutter in the shortest time possible.

With the action-based Clutter Countdown Workbook, you’ll:

  • Learn the best place to start decluttering (hint: it’s not the same for everyone!)
  • Have a plan to cut down on your decluttering time by as much as 80%.
  • Create a weekly decluttering schedule so you know exactly what to do and when.

BONUS #3: Make Decluttering Fun! Printable Pack ($12 Value)

The problem with most decluttering methods is that they make an already daunting process feel incredibly boring. 😫

With the Make Decluttering Fun! Printable Pack, you’ll have:

  • 6 unique printables designed to keep you on track.
  • Fun things like games and trackers so you’ll actually look forward to decluttering.
  • A system that not only tracks your progress but rewards you for reaching milestones.

Total value: $112
Your price: $30

I know exactly how it feels to be completely overwhelmed by the mess.

Hi, I'm Lauren, and my goal is to help moms of young kids clear the chaos and create more time for the things and people they love.

You have a dream on your heart, that thing you’ve always wanted to do…

...if only clutter didn’t get in the way.

I’m a mom of 3 who struggled with clutter my whole life, until one day when I’d had enough. I was tired of cleaning up the same things over and over.

I know what it’s like to:

  • Open a cabinet to get one thing, then spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up the avalanche of stuff that came pouring out.
  • Spend 15 minutes looking for your keys, even though you swear you just saw them.
  • Really want to get stuff done, only to find yourself 15 minutes later still scrolling for the perfect song to listen to.

But like you, I was sick of the clutter and wanted to do something about it. So I set to work decluttering my whole home in the midst of handling tantrums and changing diapers.

And it’s no coincidence that as I simplified my home, my joy and freedom expanded.

The thing is, decluttering isn’t about having an Instagram-worthy home or not being mortified when unexpected guests show up.

Sure, these are all nice benefits of a decluttered home…

...but you want to know what you’ll really love about having a decluttered home?


When you remove all the excess that’s getting in your way, that’s taking up your time, and making your job as a mom difficult, you’ll find yourself with more time.

Creating a simplified home gives you:

  • More time to kick back and enjoy a book.
  • More time to lay on a blanket with your kids and watch the clouds float by.
  • More time to go after your dreams (running a marathon or going back to school, maybe?)

And this is exactly what Clutter Kickstart helps you do.

Let’s be honest, clutter can be sooo overwhelming. I get it.

That’s why I want to teach you the exact steps I took to go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling enthusiastic every time I walk through the door.

EVERY mama deserves the time and the space to live a life of joy!

Say goodbye to clutter with Clutter Kickstart! 👋

Here's what you'll love about Clutter Kickstart:

  • The fool-proof Boulder Method, so you stop agonizing whether to keep or get rid of something.
  • The habits you need to not only declutter your home but keep it decluttered.
  • Quick video lesson that you can watch while you’re cooking dinner or nursing a baby late at night.

A decluttered home will give you...


(including ALL the glitter!)


(without the mortification of what the babysitter will think when she first walks into your home.)


(like that 5k your friend wanted you to run with her.)

Who Clutter Kickstart is for

You’ll LOVE Clutter Kickstart if:

  • You’re fed up with the clutter and ready to make some massive changes.
  • You’re frustrated that you spend more time cleaning up after your kids than you do playing with them.
  • You’re tired of spending your “free time” cleaning up messes.

Clutter Kickstart isn’t for you if:

  • Clutter Kickstart isn’t for anyone who’s okay with the mess.

I know you can be 100% successful with this course.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or one of those super-productive moms who have already run 5 miles and baked 3 dozen cookies before school drop off. 🙄) order to get the life-changing transformation that a decluttered home provides, you have to be fed up with the clutter and ready to make some massive changes.

Here are what other happy customers are saying!

Over 800 students have already found success with Clutter Kickstart

Here are some answers to your questions!

This is a crazy good deal. Are you sure this isn't a scam?

With over 800 happy students, I can tell you with confidence that this is NOT a scam.

I’m offering Clutter Kickstart at a super low price for a very limited time because I know how overwhelming it is to live in a cluttered home.

I’m really passionate about helping moms reach their goals. The first step is to get rid of the clutter that’s stealing your time and energy.

How long will it take to use Clutter Kickstart?

Clutter Kickstart is a 22-minute workshop that you can watch while cooking dinner or nursing your baby late at night.

How long will it take to declutter my whole home?

No sugar coating -- decluttering is A LOT of work. But! With Clutter Kickstart, you can expect to start seeing results in a week with just 15 minutes per day.

Decluttering is one of those things that takes more time in the short run but saves massive amounts of time in the long run.

Imagine how it would feel to know exactly where everything is and to no longer spend 20-30 minutes every day searching for things. Amazing, right?

What all comes with the purchase?

When you purchase Clutter Kickstart, you’ll receive:

  • The 22-minute workshop detailing the exact steps to take to decrease overwhelm and get started decluttering.
  • Cheatsheet so you can reference the steps at any time.

Plus, you’ll get all the bonuses:

  • Motivated to Clean Workshop ($40 Value)
  • Clutter Countdown Workbook ($30 Value)
  • Make Decluttering Fun! Printable Pack ($12 Value)

I'd love to join, but now's not a good time...

I totally understand. That’s why you get lifetime access to the course. You can watch at your convenience (or listen while you’re cooking dinner) and even come back later to get a refresher.

How will I get the product after I purchase it?

Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with your login details. Click the link in that email to login to the secure course portal, where you’ll be able to access Clutter Kickstart and all the bonuses immediately.

I've tried other methods and nothing else worked.

That’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you enroll in Clutter Kickstart, implement the Boulder Method, and still feel like it won’t work for you, contact me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

But considering over 800 students have already found success with Clutter Kickstart, I don’t think you’ll need that refund guarantee. 😉

Can't I just find this information for free?

Nope. The information in Clutter Kickstart isn’t available anywhere else.

The Boulder Method (the 5-step framework taught in Clutter Kickstart) is a step-by-step framework that tells you exactly what to do and in what order. It takes you from complete overwhelm and gives you the tools you need to be successful.

Do I receive anything in the mail?

No, Clutter Kickstart is completely digital. When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to the videos and PDF downloads.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you enroll in Clutter Kickstart, implement the Boulder Method, and still feel like it won’t work for you, contact me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


If you enroll in Clutter Kickstart, implement the Boulder Method, and still feel like it won’t work for you, contact me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Get rid of clutter fast with Clutter Kickstart so you have more time for the things and people you love.

Hey friend, I know how overwhelming clutter can be. It sucks the energy out of you, and it keeps you from doing the things you love.

You’re here because you want to change your life.

It's not your fault that your home got to this point (after all, most of us don't set out to fill our homes with clutter), but it’s your responsibility to make a change.

I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll be able to do after you declutter your home with Clutter Kickstart!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Clutter Kickstart!

  • Clutter Kickstart video workshop ($30 value)
  • Clutter Kickstart cheatsheet
  • Decluttering checklist for every room of your house
  • BONUS #1: Motivated to Clean Workshop ($40 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Clutter Countdown Workbook ($30 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Make Decluttering Fun! Printable Pack ($12 Value)

Total value: $112
Your price: $30